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The fight against climate change is a global challenge and therefore requires a variety of solutions. Our products focus is on infrastructure investments for green hydrogen and green hydrogen derived products also called synthetic fuels or e-fuels as alternatives to conventional liquid energy.

Green hydrogen and e-fuels are produced with the help of electricity from renewable energy sources, water and for the e-fuels in addition of recycled CO2.

In contrast to conventional fuels, green hydrogen or green hydrogen derived products are CO2 & climate neutral. They are essential to decarbonize sectors that are hard to electrify such as aviation, maritime transport, heavy industries, road transport and specific industrial processes. In addition, they will play an important role in replacing fossil resources employed as process feedstocks

For these green gaseous and liquid energy products to be used on large scale, industrial and commercial production is required. Together with our partners and clients we are investing into the latest technologies and new infrastructure facilities.

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